Top 10 best movie,hahahaha

November 30, 2008

Leave it in the comment area for your 10 best manga;

  1. LOTR(Lord of the Ring)
  2. Matrix Trilogy
  3. An Inconvenient Truth
  4. Root of Evil?
  5. Shut up & Sing
  6. Dark Knight
  7. Edward Scissorshand
  8. The Others
  9. The Hours
  10. Juno

I still have more but that was my best 10 movie which I can remember,hehehe…..


One Response to “Top 10 best movie,hahahaha”

  1. Dominic said


    top 5 movies ever:
    1. Saw I
    2. Saw II
    3. Saw III
    4. Saw IV
    5. Saw V

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