Terrorist again…..haizzzz

December 1, 2008

WHEN ARE YOU GUYS GOING TO STOP!!!!!! But I guess they will never stop until “GOD” come down and send them to hell.What kind of fuckup brain they have to follow their leader and religion to do something which by technically you know is bad stuff?If I were “GOD” I will come down “MYSELF” and rip their body off infront of j***s**** and say “FUCKU U GUYS OFF!!!!!,I WROTE 3 FUCKING WRONG BOOK AND YOU GUYS STILL DUNNO YET!!!THE EARTH IS NOT FLAT AND NOT IN THE CENTER OF UNIVERSE,YOU DUMB FUCKERS.SEMEN IS NOT BEEN PRODUCE BY YOUR FUCKING SPINE.IS BEEN PRODUCE BY YOUR BALLSSSSS.I FUCKUP IN YOUR BIOLOGICAL STRUCTURE.I’M TOO BUSY IN HELPING TOO EXPEND THE UNIVERSE.DUMBFUCKERSSSSSSSS,AND FOR NOW U WILL PRAY TO THE CEILING CAT”


He r watching youzz…..


One Response to “Terrorist again…..haizzzz”

  1. Dominic said

    Ceiling Cats pwns all!

    all hail ther ceiling cat!!

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