About Bakuman…..

December 6, 2008

If you read my previous post,this is my no.1 best manga on my top 10 list.YES,I know the title’s name is sooo lame but there is a meaning behind it.The name Bakuman comes from the two words “gambling” (博打 Bakuchi?) and “comic” (漫画 Manga?). Half of the words are taken out, creating the portmanteau “Baku – man”  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bakuman


Mangaka                 :Moritaka ‘Saiko’ Mashiro                                                                                                                                                          Script writer         :Akito ‘Shujin’ Takagi

The guy who made this manga is the same guy who made death note.So you can find the similarity between this two manga and the crazy concept of this manga.So if you like death note,I think this manga will suite you as well.Basically this manga is about Saiko,the main character,who is talented in drawing manga but low in self-esteem while Shujin is the smartest guy who wanna work togather with Saiko to be the best mangaka.He is the thinker,while Saiko is the artist.

The story starts quite good and it gets better and better.This is the first manga which I can’t really find a flaw(maybe 1 or 2)It is so good i read it twice for each chapter on the spot.The only rubbish part of this story is the main character love life.You will explore everything you need to know to be a mangaka in this manga.Is not that only people who wanna be a mangaka should read this but is more like Initial D.Initial D is about cars from technique to different types of car performance.Is just that it gives you the thrill about how they struggle to be the best mangaka when they have rival(Eiji Nīzuma) plus with their editor hope about their future.(that is their obstacle now)

I’m not a good reviewer,but I know which to which is good.I hope you will spend some time reading this manga.  Thank you.


One Response to “About Bakuman…..”

  1. Dominic said

    O.o lol

    you should also review other manga’s or something in your top ten.

    you have so little hits man.

    your link is in my blog now though. hope will have more people read la~

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