The differences in various point of view about stuff

December 6, 2008

Everyone has a different point of view about this world,same with entertainment.From games too manga/anime too movie/series and many more entertainment.If a guy/girl who like too watch animal having sex and get turn on does not mean that every guy like too watch it.Some girls in Malaysia also play as much game as guy(if that guy love too play various game)So don’t always assume that ALL girls love shopping and all guys love DOTA.Probably 1000 guys you met love DOTA and so you assume that all guys love DOTA…..that would be so fucking ridicuolous.There are 1.3 billion china people in this world and there are more than 6 billion people in this world.So it doesn’t mean that every 6 people you meet you will meet a china people,am I rite?Same with toasting a coin.If you throw 10 time doesn’t mean you will get 5 head 5 tail,rite?Assumation is dangerous.You can put it in hypothesis but not in conclusion.


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