About AkibaBlog

December 8, 2008

Recently I just found this mind blowing blog.And I mean it,MIND BLOWING.And the name is AkibaBlog.If you like about otaku stuff like figurine,eroge,cosplay,etc. than go to this website.I’m sure you going to spend 1-5 hours depending your interest to your connection.I literally spend 3-4 hours on WONFES(Wonder Festival)I WILL SELL MY SOUL JUST TO GO THERE ONES.JUST ONES!!!I’m going to blog about WONFES later.For now here is the preview about AkibaBlog;

2007-07-04-001 Akihabara.Can you see a the girl cosplaying…

2008-02-25-207 WONFES entrance.That was the time when it was taken.


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