GODLIKE!!!(not in dota voice,OK)

December 8, 2008

worlds_fastest_internet_connection Just look at that lovely son and grandma picture…….

That grandma has 40Gbps connection….relax I’m not joking…….no,no,no dun die of heart attack.Relax…take deep breath…..YES that fucking grandma has 40Gbps connection.FUCK MAN!!!!That grandma son, Peter Lothberg a very good computer technician has fix a bloody fast line for his grandma.So,lets just imagine what would that grandma do with that godlike connection,when she never used a computer before this………………….


YUP,LAUNDRY!!!IS SHE NUTSSS!!!!I don’t mind if she download like every movie/series/anime/etc in this world and IN THE MEANTIME,drying her cloth.But if yo going to just use it to dry cloth and checking your mail,than I say go fuck yourself.Might as well you contribute that godlike speed to any rural area which think that;god feel sick,so he vomit sun,moon,stars,mountain,”some animal” and humans,type of people. Is plain ridicules….(My elder bro told me bout this thing last 2 week.Now only I got time to search this rubbish)


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