Stephen Hawking;The Theory of Everything

December 8, 2008

HOLLYY SHIIITTTT!!!!Yesterday night,Stephen Hawking;The Theory of Everything documentary was the 2nd most mind blowing( and I really mean it) show ever I watch.I was like………de fuck.

1893224546 Adapted from this book I think because I can’t seem to find it in Wikipedia

I watch it  in Discovery Channel in Astro.This show shows briefly about his past,his illness.Later on he talks about how he wanna combine between general theory of relativity and quantam mechanic,which is so uber cool.The show talks about black hole,big bang,singularity,superstring theory,m theory and more.Is bloody crazy.I’m deeply sorry because I can’t explain you guys what the show trying to show about but what I can say is that this show is about,his quest in finding theory that explain everything about the universe(i think).So if you have time go download it or at least buy his book which I’m not sure they got sell in Malaysia.


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