About WONFES….

December 11, 2008

First of all,CONGRATS WILZ,for your first foul language post.I’m sure you will post MORE foul language post in the future. Back to WONFES(Wonder Festival),this festival is about an annual event to display and sell “garage kits“, which are sculptures that usually replicate anime and game characters, but also popular mecha/sci-fi characters and creatures. That is wiki description.For me this festival  is about rare figurine and hentai figurine.I have found a place to stay in Akihabara so anyone who is interested please leave a comment.In 5-6 years time or so(lets hope there is no MAJOR CRISIS)I’m going to use my own money and fly to Tokyo to buy lots of figurine.Don’t worry about the place.Is cheap and good(abit far though).I can’t wait to get my own money to buy these types of figurine,ARRGGHH!!! WARNING:UNDER 12 YEARS OLD IS NOT ALLOW TO VIEW A FEW PICTURE BELOW,hehehehe;

2008-08-04-110 Neon Genesis Evengelion:Asuka  Damn HOTTT!!!! I WANT IT,I WANT IT,I WANT IT(dewey’s voice)

2008-02-25-129 The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi: Ending song setting. I WANT THIS SHIT ALSO!!!

2008-02-25-160 Fate Stay/Night: Saber  One of the coolest hero/heroine

2008-08-04-102a Fate/Unlimited code: Saber   EVEN COOLERR!!!!

2008-08-04-103a VOCALOID: Miku Hatsune  KAWAII!!!!

2008-08-04-608 Code Geass   Planning to watch.Looks good.

2008-08-08-302 Should have posted this on the top

And here are some hentai figurine

2008-02-25-114 Don’t cum,don’t cum…..

2008-02-25-116 HH..OO..TT(wiping my drool rite now :p)

2008-02-25-119 Yamete,yamete,yamete…..

If you want to see MORE of this pic visit akibablog.


2 Responses to “About WONFES….”

  1. Dominic said

    you’re doing this on purpose right? you know i will choke you to death when i see you right? RIGHT??

  2. Lich King said

    hahaha go order la if u got alot of money.if u dun have go copy those pic

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