January 25, 2009

Maybe you guys wondering,WTF AM I GOING 2 WRITE IN THIS 1 1/2 HOUR TIME BFOR CNY. Well here is your answer… First of all, 2moro lucky draw would be damn great.

1st prize: RM1.3k ,  2nd: RM500 ,3rd: RM300(i think) , 4th &5th RM200, Consolation RM100


Well that is for 2moro. Here is the main reason why I’m writing this time. Spreading religion. Yea, lame…but bare with it for a few line. Just now I of my elder cousin gave my grandma(81 years old this year) some of her first payment cheque. Well everything was good until she said “May Jesus bless you” I was like GIVE HER A FUCKING BREAK. She was and still is a taoist/buddhist since she was born and you say those word.OK, maybe she didn’t mean it THAT wa. Lets change to another one. 1 Hour before that one of my auntie said “First of all do you believe in JESUS, Nyah(that is how they call my grandma for all of my uncle & auntie,don’t ask why)” right after one of my cousin(not the same one) gave a sudden speech which he didn’t prepare and HAVE to say “I hope everyone will believe in Jesus” Well is not my cousin fault to say those word because he doesn’t really know what to say up the front but WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU( referring to my auntie)

Well how bout this one, every year during CNY two of my uncle which is the eldest and the youngest will “advice” my grandparents to convert to christian…..I’VE HAD IT!!!! Is not that I love my grandparents but PLSSSSS!!!! GIVE THEM A FUCKING BREAK. Don’t do this thing to her. Is like asking someone who have loved nasi lemak for 81 years and ask him/her to “love” mee goreng in an instance.PLS!!! On top of all not during CNY,OK!!!

Sorry to say that I wrote too long bout this stuff…..Time to play fire crackers and “wish me luck” for 2moro’s lucky draw,hehehe….. 1.3k!!!!


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