Review’s about Daicon

July 12, 2009

I’m pretty…….how should I put this…..disappointed by how this event turn out to be. On Saturday I was having fun looking items which I have never seen before and……that’s about it…..

The event is quite boring. I wasn’t attracted to do stuff at there maybe because I suck in making a gundam( Gundam Competition), dunno how to sing(Karaoke Competition), maid cafe wasn’t entertaining at all; they did not “serve” me that well plus the FOOD suck like shit(Maid Cafe), to little people playing board game(Tabletop), I dun wan to play scissor-paper-stone cos it’s lame(Moe Moe Janken), never heard before that card game(yea i suck)(Weiss Schwarz Battle), I dunno how to draw(Character Design Competition), doujin side I cant find what I want; HENTAI(yea pervert should not take this to high about doujins in Malaysia)(Doujin Corridor), Jpop section was horrifying; so many fat ass girls(Jpop exhibition), I cant see any seiyuu exhibition; my eye was blinded by the hot cosplayers,yeah I should blame them(Seiyuu exhibition), GO was really fun, Thanks wilz for going there(Go Adventure), Macross display and figurine display was quite entertaining( Macross Compendium & Figurine Exhibition), cosplay competition was also quite entertaining, BIG THANKS TO THEM FOR HAVING GUTS GOING UP THERE( Cosplay Competition), chihara minorin was also quite entertaing(me and my frens were like planning what should we do during the consert such as charge into the fence, how she’s going to perform, talking about how cool is the stick glow and wilz “itouch” can do that also LOL (Chihara Minorin Live)

Well overall it was entertaining especially my GF, cos I tease her by buying for her that cat ear and tail from one of this nameless both where no wan wants to go near with(SERIOUSLY dunno why) but maybe because of my super high expectation I realize it was not that fun when I was on the way to dinner. Ohh well I got some cool merchandise. Shall upload the pic tomorrow or the day after.


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