August 31, 2009

yea agess..

moving on……

GACC……….wayyyy better than daicon because of ACTIVE “drama” on stage (thats the way man….)

currently waiting for comic fiesta…(never been there bfor)

wat i wanna post actually is about wat happen during my left out from this blog. fucking busy with my research paper, quarrel with my gf n ALSO fun time and being a president for my damn anime club

yess my anime club which I called as MOE ACG

i got 2 start working again next sem in being as a president which i most likely wont gain any support from except from my gf. Bfor this everyone were very enthusiastic about it but now fucku club n Max. I was like fucku guys 2. i dun wan man power u dumbfuckers i wan brain on wat should v do 2 promote our club. They were all look at me and hoping 2 b given orders 2 do stuff. fuck u all la. ask them 2 go for gacc…this la,that la… wonder C2AGE are not even recognize by emina members. bottomline u guys suck n seriously i will close this club on september if i still dun c any initiative from u fuckers. i got all pass again for my 4 subjects. I gave a love letter for my dear and get 2 know dat even when u strive SUPER HARD does not mean u can get it….omg…..i feel very sad for both of u. i wish i could help u guys. sometimes i feel i’m the worst buddy ever….. other times i feel i should jz kill myself………depression surround me, but thanks 2 my gf support i stand up back but sometimes she is the one which falls me down. dear…i dun think u know i have this blog but i jz wanna let u i love u very much but pls dun always threaten u wanna break up with me. i really hate it…….haizz……

wilz: i hope i can fully follow ur advice. so i would start from this new sem onwards. i will live up dream

dunno when i would post again…..

damn emo rite now……very….uber emo………………………..


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