“Muackz….this is for planning this for me…muackz…this is for always be with me….muackz….this is for always love me and tolerate me..muackz…this is the warm feeling that u give 2 me when i be with u Muackz,muackz,muackz,muackz……..for many many other reason”

I love u dear

eventhough i dun think u read this blog cos i never give u this link


Feeling like crap….

September 1, 2009

..so i blog

about some dumbfuck out there wish I would love 2 kill. One= yea rite, wanna teach me my ass and think i know wat u think jz by “reading ur mind” fucku bitch

Another= so called my buddy. go 2 hell dumbfuck use ur brain la idiot. trying 2 send at “it” side

basically i jz wanna release out my emotion. even if U read this u wouldn’t know if it is u or not.

yes…i’m being pathetic and asshole and idiot but yea i’m saying it 2 u in here

ohhh god…… feeling like killing myself…….focus on ur career max FOCUS!!!!