Games are cool in both sex

December 8, 2008

That website will lead you to a survey showing 50 percent of all woman in AMERICA play games and 55 percent of male plays game in America.So girls,you DON’T HAVE TO PLAY DOTA TO BE A GAMER,you can also play fallout ,farcry , WOW, warcraft CAMPAIGN,starcraft,bioshock,etc.Go and read up.


First thing first…..(2)

November 28, 2008


After a much consideration on Dota,CS or any similar game,i find that the reason this game is such a hit in Malaysia is because

A)The amount of youth(the majority in playing this game)playing in this game makes every other youth “WANT” to play this game so that HE/SHE (most of the “she” playing this game is because of their dumb BF) can join in the “club”

B)IS SO SIMPLE!!!all you need is SPEED FINGERING!!!shortcut key n lots of practice to increase your speed and you can be pro.


One of friend of my friend told me that,there’s one’s he was watching the Orc campaign cinematic in “Reign of Chaos”.While he was watching it his friend ask him”Is that pit lord that strong?”………..HE IS THE GUY WHO BRING THOSE ORCS TO AZEROTH (azeroth means one of warcraft continents)


Most top:That’s him,your pit lord.                                                                                                                      Above:IllIdan as Anti-Mage…..HE SEEKS POWER!!!!

For now I think that’s all for Dota.I hope you guys play more Dota and be an idiot running around those 3 areas.

First thing first………

November 27, 2008

I HATE DOTA PLAYER!!! I’m cool with DOTA player,just that the game is so dumb.Hmm,how should I put it…its just as dumb as Counter Strike.YUP!!!That dumb!!!


Translation (Top man:go,go,go  Bottom man:tunnel,bomb site or underground???heii…this is the same with DOTA.that is why I like it)


After you have choose your “hero”(yup hero),buy some dumb fuck item and start to attack.


Dying.The technique is;run back and forth avoid being damage too much while kill as many creeps as possible…….rite.WHAT A STRATEGIC GAME!!!

YES!!!Every game is basically a surviving game.Even in WOW(World of Warcraft)you can’t just non-stop tanking using a BLOODY mage.But at least you can do some strategic way to kill mob/mobs for a level 1.(you have a few skill when you just start any new character)Secondly there is no such thing as destroy the building and you win the WHOLE GAME.Even the campaign mode(for you dumbass people who dunno what is campaign,is basically clicking the single player button which leads you to campaign)has a few quest to do in most of their mission and YOU control a WHOLE army.Is like 11 sided cube,so many strategy you can do than 2 sided cube(go back and forth,while buying item)

If my friend ask me to play this game or CS(Counter Strike) in CC(Cyber Cafe) is ok.But to be a pro in it…. fuck off.


Uther please bring the light to all gamers in south east asia.Especially Malaysia…ONEGAISIMAS!!!