I guess you know what I’m goin to say rite?This is my younger brother text book.And the first lesson is all things are created by god.I wish all the writer will DIE!!!The reason?They claim that all life has been created by god without taking and account on evolution.Damn dumb la they all.


Climate Crisis People

December 8, 2008

If you guys keep track of global warming(like I always did,but not ALL around this world)you will notice mother nature is dying.In fact in my opinion,according to Al-Gore survey and statistic plus with today news,plus what do people generally do in this world,we can’t save this earth already.So….I guess people had to start stand up right now and act and lose in this final battle for human race than only we can cope global warming.Paul Crutzen and many more people has came out invention or ideas to cope global warming from lenghtening to changing our fossil fuel to a clean energy. We have the solution to stop global warming from destroying our world.When you start to work,change your living style to more environmental friendly stuff.If you are good buddies with your parent tell them to do so.Is not expensive(only the hybrid cars is expensive)and it’s easy.Follow the step which has been given in Al-Gore movie An Inconvenient Truth (if you still haven’t watch it,GO AND DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!!)If you are rich,held a movie screening for “An Inconvenient Truth” in your neighbourhood.Nature is calling you guys.We are the only species which can save this earth.Don’t just wait “GOD” to do the work.Jesus nor Muhammad will come down to be the saviour. They are having “FUN” in heaven(especially Muhammad….72 virgins man,some more well propotion type,hehehehe)

Haizz….this is what I’m going to tell everyone I know…but I guess it won’t work heh.This is one of my major reason why I want to choose psychology course.C’mon which parent in Malaysia will listen to me,like duh no need to feed kids and vacation ha?!?!YUP,they going to say something like that……

HOLLYY SHIIITTTT!!!!Yesterday night,Stephen Hawking;The Theory of Everything documentary was the 2nd most mind blowing( and I really mean it) show ever I watch.I was like………de fuck.

1893224546 Adapted from this book I think because I can’t seem to find it in Wikipedia

I watch it  in Discovery Channel in Astro.This show shows briefly about his past,his illness.Later on he talks about how he wanna combine between general theory of relativity and quantam mechanic,which is so uber cool.The show talks about black hole,big bang,singularity,superstring theory,m theory and more.Is bloody crazy.I’m deeply sorry because I can’t explain you guys what the show trying to show about but what I can say is that this show is about,his quest in finding theory that explain everything about the universe(i think).So if you have time go download it or at least buy his book which I’m not sure they got sell in Malaysia.